Here at CrossFit Unit, we offer a wide range of classes to cater to every individual’s needs. Listed below are the various classes currently offered. If you are interested in one or more programmes, our Monthly Membership allows you full access to all the programmes. At the cost of just one membership, you won’t have to rack your brains cherry-picking.


The quintessential CrossFit Class. Workouts are unique from day to day, combining elements from barbell work to gymnastics. Even though you might not know what to expect going in, one thing for certain is that you will walk out with a wide grin on your face knowing you are better than when you entered.

Olympic Lifting

It is hard to find a better feeling than executing a perfect snatch or clean and jerk. Take the time to perfect your technique under the watchful eye of our coaches and be rewarded with the amazing feeling more frequently.


Controlling your own body weight through different exercises show mastery over one’s own body. This class is all about drilling the basics and building strength through different ranges of motion, which then builds on these fundamentals to complete advanced gymnastic movements like the ring muscle-up with picture-perfect form.


Strength is never a weakness, and what better way to improve than to dedicate an hour to it. In this class, you will work and improve the main compound movements, as well as engage in accessory work that will see your overall strength skyrocket.


Our version of a high-intensity workout using a mixture of resistance exercises and machines, without the technical elements of barbell work. Suitable for both newbies and gym veterans, this sweat fest will push you to the limit, making gains you never thought possible before.


Get an exciting workout in while soaking in some good old Vitamin D. Get ready kids, adults are coming to have some fun in the sun too!

Personal Training

Want just a little more attention or a program that is tailored just for you? Send us an email with the number we can reach you at and we will get back to you with more information.

Our Motto

Excel as One,
Grow in Unity.