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Interested in picking up CrossFit? Before you hit up the various social media platforms and get intimidated by intrinsic and gruelling workouts, (notably the CrossFit Games), give us a chance to explain.

A general description of CrossFit would be a set of fitness programs that encompasses constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity, across board time and modal domains. And because of its variability and focus on functional movements, CrossFit is appropriate for the young, the old and the not so fit.

The CrossFit Foundation Course comprises of 2 sessions spread across 2 days. It teaches the foundational movements of CrossFit, as well as many other movements use during WODS, or Workout Of the Day. The folks here understand that 4 hours won’t transform you to be “that dude or gal” on Youtube spinning out handstand walks and repping muscle ups, which is why we are throwing in 3 weeks’ worth of unlimited class bookings for you to get familiarised!

why do you need this course?

  1. Lower the chance of injury

Injuries can be prevented by learning the correct form and movements, as well as to be educated about your body. Studies showed that as coaches get more involved in guiding the athlete in movement and form, it directly correlates to a decreased injury rate.

  1. Induction into the CrossFit Community

Walking into a gym alone can be intimidating, we get that. But here at the Unit, classes are run in a community setting and soon, you will feel the warmth of our members. “Old birds” will gladly show you the ins and outs, and that 3 weeks’ will also get you acclimatised.

  1. Scaling and Modification

No one body is the same. Different people with different physical attributes will have various takes on a workout. That is why our coaches are here to help. Every workout can be scaled down to suit the athlete so that it remains challenging but not unattainable. Have an existing injury? A slipped disc a couple of years ago? Fret not, as our coaches are well-trained in this area and are able to modify the workouts. The goal is to strengthen and not to aggravate it, and our coaches are more than equipped.


During the tryout period, you are eligible for 7 METCON sessions within a span of 2 weeks. Come and try our very own blend of high-intensity workouts that promises to lose those inches and gain lean muscle. It also gives you the chance to see how the classes will fit into your schedule.

Start your fitness journey today!