If you are new to CrossFit, this is the place to be.

CrossFit Membership:

Trial: If you are unsure of whether CrossFit is for you, this is the class for you. Includes a brief introduction of CrossFit, teaching of some basic movements and a short workout of the day. Think of a normal workout class, but simpler with more explanations, to give you a feel of what CrossFit classes are like. No obligation to sign up after, so don’t worry and just give it a try!

Trial Timings:
8AM – Monday | Wednesday | Friday
12PM – Tuesday | Thursday
1PM – Saturday | Sunday
5PM – Monday to Friday

Foundation Course: This is your first step in your CrossFit journey. All new aspiring CrossFit members have to go through this weekend workshop, where our Head Coach will go through the Fundamentals and Basics of CrossFit in a small group setting. A strong foundation is key to ensuring you are ready for the training ahead.


to Crossfit!

CFU Trial
1st-timers only
$10 SGD 

Crossfit Fundamentals

CrossFit New Members Only
$288 SGD

METCON Membership:

Tryouts: During the tryout period, you are eligible for 7 METCON sessions within a span of 2 weeks. Come and try our very own blend of high-intensity workouts that promises to lose those inches and gain lean muscle. It also gives you the chance to see how the classes will fit into your schedule.



METCON Tryouts (7 classes for 2 Weeks)
1st-timers Only
$42 SGD