Visiting Crossfitters

Call/Inform Ahead

Send us an Email or Facebook message or a phone call to let us know you will be dropping in (24hr advance). Refer to our Schedule for class times.

We cap classes to ensure an appropriate coach-to-athlete ratio (1:10) to ensure coaching attention and safety, please contact us 24hrs advance prior to class.

Read Our Website

Before you reach out, do your homework.

We publish our WODs for next day at 9pm daily for your reference.

Instructions on how to get to our location is also listed in “ABOUT US – Location”.

Arrive Early  

Before you reach out, do your homework and be aware.

Come a few minutes early to sign a waiver or save time by using Online Waiver

Give yourself time to settle down and stretch out, give us time to orientate your to the new surrounding and DOs & DON’Ts.

Respect Our Rules & Policies

Things to take note during class.

  • Please switch mobile phone to SILENT mode.
  • Prevent from being disruptive to others.
  • No consumption of food.
  • Please exercise caution and safe practises during classes.

After class

  • Wipe oneself dry.
  • Equipment and flooring of CrossFit Unit are to be properly kept and dried.
  • Ensure proper hydration.
  • Exercise post WOD stretching and relaxation.

Be Coachable Leave your Ego at the Door and enjoy the process. Everybody stands to have something they could learn from a new coach

Don’t Coach Leave the coaching to our Coaches. You’re paying to be coached, not to coach. Every athlete has a medical history you might not know but we do, let our Coaches provide appropriate advice based on their medical history.

Pay Up   

Please pay up before starting class. Drop-in fee is the purchase of our t-shirt $35.00 (CASH ONLY). If you are staying longer or don’t want a t-shirt we can prorate a training fee. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS FOR DROP-IN FEES OR T-SHIRTS.

We are in it to help people, not get rich. But that doesn’t mean you should expect to train for free. Please do not haggle on price or try to bully staff into giving you a free drop-in,

Give Constructive Feedback  

Common Sense

If you are local and don’t have experience with CrossFit (worked out at an affiliate for an extended period of time 6 months or more) please refer to our “Services” section.

grow in unity 



Blk 52 Frontier Building (Ubi Ave 3)
#01-41 Singapore (408867)

Tel: (+65) 81110722



Monday to Friday
7AM - 1PM | 2.30PM - 9pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
8AM - 1PM