WOD 23/04/2016 Sat

23/4/2016, Saturday

CrossFit Unit Training Program


100 Singles Unbroken

2 Rounds

10 Deadlifts
5 Clean Pull(Mid Shin, Below Knee, Above Knee & Extend)
5 Power Clean
5 Push Press

Workout Of The Day (WOD)

Team WOD(3 in a Team To Complete)

90 Deadlifts
60 Power Cleans
30 Hang Cleans
90 Dumbbell Man Maker
60 Dumbbell Thrusters
30 Dumbbell STO

Conditions: Particular Team Member working at a time. After completion of each station.
Particular Team Member will prowler push each person 2 laps each.
No consecutive repeat Team Member executing prowler push.

Rest 5 Mins


10 Strict T2B/K2E/Straight Leg Raised/V-Ups
10 Ab RollOuts

We Decide Our Destiny
Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity


Daily WOD 16/12/2013 Monday

CrossFit Unit Program – 16/12/2013, Monday


CrossFit Unit Olympic Lifting

CrossFit Unit
Olympic Lifting
Clean & Jerk


Warm Up & Mobility


Warm – Up


At Own’s Pace


Pull Up Bar Hang

Group Plank Hold

Handstand / Pike Hold

10 Forwards Floor Walks

10 Backwards Floor Walks




15 Mins Of Power Cleans & Jerks


Rolling Clean & Jerks


Perform 1 Clean & Jerk one after another.

Increase Weight After Each Min

Execute Till Last Man Standing


Rest 3 Mins


Workout Of The Day (WOD)




5 Burpees

7 Shoulder to Overhead

9 Toes To Bar


Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity