Daily WOD 22/11/2013 Friday

CrossFit Unit Program – 22/11/2013, Friday


Warm Up & Mobility




Flexion With Ext Rotation of Hips


Posterior Chain Mob


Warm – Up


1 Round


50 Singles/25 Double Unders


12 Close Grip Pull Ups


25 Air Squats


50 Singles/25 Double Unders




Snatch Complex


1 Snatch Deadlifts – 2 Snatch Hip Extension – 1 Snatch High Pull

(7 Sets Of 1 Snatch Complex)

Fixed Load / Assistance




Handstand Variation Practice


Handstand Hold

Handstand Side Straddle

Handstand Hold (Hands To Shoulders)


Workout Of The Day (WOD)


5 Rounds For Time


7 Ring Muscle Ups


20 Wall Balls


200 Meters Run


Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity