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Have your first CrossFit Experience with us. Be Amazed what your Mind & Body can achieve in one session.


Learn the 9 Foundation Movements of CrossFit and a better understand of Basic of CrossFit. The Magic is in the movement, The Art is in the programming, The Science is in the explanation and Fun is in the community.

CrossFIt Training

Functional, Scalable & Varied via:

WOD|Olympic Weightlifting|Gymnastics
BarBell/Dumbbell Strength|Boot Camp|Ladies-Only|Dynamo

 training methodologies  available

Getting united is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Whether your a first-timer or an experienced crossfitter, we have a class for you to get better ! 


The Workouts, Lifestyle & Community. 

Different every day, CrossFit workouts are tailored to the individual ability level. CrossFit uses safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life. Intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness.

Boot Camp Training

Boot Camp is appropriate for men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and is a good jump-start for people who need a little motivation, and want to do something different with their fitness program, We provide challenging indoor/outdoor training to help participants achieve their fitness goals in a non-intimidating, supportive setting.

A typical one-hour Boot Camp workout may include speed and agility drills, core conditioning, walking / jogging &  strength training.

Ladies Class

Ladies class is a boot camp session for women who prefer to workout with fellow ladies. This class is exclusively for women of all ages and fitness levels. 

Each session starts with a warm-up followed by a strength and metabolic conditioning workout. Core is either incorporated in the metabolic conditioning or as a stand-alone finale workout                                                                                            . 

Corporate Wellness Program

We cater to corporate events or weekly fitness programs in your company's location or off-site.

We believe that bringing fitness to the workplace not only gives health benefits but also helps build camaraderie and team bonding.  

Crossfit Unit provides all equipment and manpower required for organizing the activities.

Nutrition & Weight Management

We believe food is powerful medicine. Let us show you what and how to eat so your body feels better, and gets what it needs to thrive. 

We use nutrition in an intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring way. Our method believes in taking you directly to your goal, as swiftly and sensibly as possible. Integrating the latest science with practical real-world suggestions, we support you from start to finish. 

Everything starts with the decision to change. For all other steps, we will be privileged to be your partner.

Personal Training

Personal training provided at the Unit will be tailored to one's need and requirements. This enables the participant to achieve their goals effectively, further motivating one to push on to the next level of health and fitness.

GROUP Training

Our small group training sessions are designed for an excellent full-body workout in an indoor setting. These classes  are designed to help your fitness goals - whether it’s to build strength, improve your endurance, or to lose bodyweight.

Our classes place an emphasis on strength work using our gym equipment (dumbbells, barbells, ski-erg, rower, assault bikes, battle ropes, kettlebells and more) with some cardio and core work thrown in to get your heart rate up! Join us if you need a quick exercise session in a fun group setting! 

As class sizes are kept to a maximum of 8 people, you’ll benefit from the close attention of a fully-qualified trainer, whilst enjoying the dynamic and motivating energy of a group. They are also kept at an affordable rate for you to supplement your fitness routine.

All fitness levels are welcomed.

Corporate Training

We cater to corporate events or weekly fitness programs in your company's location or off-site.

Please let CrossFit Unit know about the constraints or limitations within the company.

Crossfit Unit will provide for all equipment and manpower required for organizing the activity.

grow in unity 



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