Program 23/04/2017 Sunday

Training Program 23/04/2017 Sunday

CrossFit Unit Training Program


Bar Muscle Ups

10 – 1 Reps

As fast as possible.

Workout Of The Day (WOD)

Core Emphasis

3 Tabata Rounds

(5-8 Reps) V-Ups
(8-12 Reps) Tuck Crunches
(20 Sec) Hollow Rock
(20 Sec) Arch Hold

Rest 2 Mins Between Each Rounds

3 Rounds(NFT)

(5-10 Reps) GHD Back Extensions
(5-10 Reps) GHD Hip Extensions
(5-10 Reps) Romanian Deadlifts
(5-10 Reps) Arch Hold

A CrossFit Pregnancy: Healthy Mother, Healthy Child

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