Daily WOD 28/04/2014 MONDAY

CrossFit Unit Program – 28/04/2014, Monday


Warm – Up


Jump Ropes Flight Simulator




Each set can only be accumlated twice.




Strict Press

EMOM 5 : 5 Reps

Work @ 65% of M.E For Strict Press


Push Press

EMOM: 5 Sets Of 3 Reps

Work @ 70% of M.E for Push Press


Push Jerks

EMOM: 5 Sets Of 1 Reps

Work @ 75% of M.E for Push Jerk


Hand Stand Hold

4 Sets: 60sec/50sec/40sec/30sec

Rest 1 Min Between


Workout Of The Day (WOD)


Hand Stand Push Ups & Jump Over Box

10-1 Reps For Time

Hand Stand Push Ups

Jump Over/Step Over Box


Rest 5 Mins


Wall Balls & Pull Ups Intervals(10Mins)

Odd Min: 20 Wall Balls

Even Min: 15 Pull Ups


We Decide Our Destiny


Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity


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