Daily WOD 21/01/2014 TUESDAY

CrossFit Unit Program – 21/01/2014, Tuesday


Warm Up & Mobility


Warm – Up


Kettle Bell Warm Ups

20 Side To Side Lunges

75 Singles(In Blocks Of 75) / 100 Doubles(In Blocks of 25)




Back Squats


For 7 Mins, Every Min, Perform 3 BackSquats

Work Towards 75% Of Max Effort

Increase Weight After Each Set


Ring Dips (Weighted/Assisted)


5 Sets Of 5 Reps

Fixed Weights

Rest Sufficient After Each Set


Workout Of The Day (WOD)


Mash Ups Partner WOD


8 min AMREP

20 Wall Balls

Max Weighted Sit Ups


Rest 3 Mins


8 min AMREP

10 Kettle Bell Snatches (Alternate Hands)

Max Shuttle Sprints (40meters)


Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity


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