Daily WOD 19/12/2013 Thursday

CrossFit Unit Program – 19/12/2013, Thursday


Warm Up & Mobility


Warm – Up


400 Meters Jog

7 Wide Grip Pull Ups

15 Wide Stance Push Ups

7 Close Grip Pull Ups

15 Close Stance Push Ups




Good Mornings


4 Sets Of 8 Reps

Keep Weights Light

Increase Weight After Each Set


Front Squats


6 Sets Of 1 Reps

Work Towards 90% of M.E

Rest 90 Sec After Each Set


Workout Of The Day (WOD)


Hero WOD ‘DT’


12 Deadlifts


9 Hang Cleans


7 Push Jerks


Fun & Laughter

CrossFit Unit Goofing Around


Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity


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