Daily WOD 17/12/2013 Tuesday

Alternate Tyre Flips

CrossFit Unit Tyre Flips

CrossFit Unit Program – 17/12/2013, Tuesday


Warm Up & Mobility


Warm – Up


5 Wall Walks

10 Pull Ups

20 Squat Jumps

50 Snatch Hook Grip Hand Hip Extensions

50 Clean Hook Grip Hand Hip Extensions




Snatch Deadlifts


5 Sets Of 3 Reps

Increase Weight After Each Min


Rest 5 Mins


Workout Of The Day (WOD)


3 Men Unit WOD


75 Back Squats Each

Human Rack, Bar does not touch the Floor


50 Push Ups Each

Active Holds, 10 Sit Ups when Active Hold fails


25 Pull Ups Each

3 Burpees when dismount off the Bar till completion of Pull Ups



Excel as Individuals, Grow in Unity


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