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CrossFit Unit  (Excel as Individual, Grow in Unity)

Mission – To cultivate a holistic fitness lifestyle through continued varied functional motions; forging progressive fitness and better health.

CrossFit Unit started its humble roots on 1st October 2012 with affiliation to Crossfit HQ.

Here at CrossFit Unit, we uphold fundamentals and values practiced with CrossFit. Standard CrossFit equipment and training methodologies are constantly carried out but in a varied challenging manner.

For people who are looking to build better health, increase their fitness level and at the same time look great while having fun, CrossFit is the absolute choice. Effective 60 minute classes embedded with functional training that mimics daily movements will enhance the fluidity to one’s lifestyle.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a General Physical Preparatory (GPP) program that combines Weightlifting, Gymnastics/Body Weight Movements and Metabolic Conditioning that will enable greater mobility and ease in one’s daily lifestyle. The objective of CrossFit is described as “Moving a Load over a Distance over a Time Period/Interval’, influencing everyone’s daily activities.

In modern fitness, CrossFit programming enables efficient and effective use of time as each session’s duration spans over 60 minutes (Warmup, Skill/Strength and Workout Of the Day – WOD).

Take the first step with CrossFit Unit to forge excellence as individuals and grow in unity.

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Mailing List

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